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What to do if you chose a venue with a tight or dark getting ready space for your weddings.

tight or dark getting ready space bridal tips, wedding day tips, bride in dressSometimes on a wedding day you have a tight or dark getting ready space. And to be honest, we shoot a lot of weddings with more then 6 bridesmaids. When you get more then 6 gorgeous ladies in any given room all trying to get ready at the same time any space begins to feel tight! So today we wanted to share a few tips to ease the congestion plus shed some light on a tight or dark getting ready area.

  1. Know well in advance how much space you have to get ready in. If your getting ready at a venue then ask to see the getting ready room beforehand, during your venue tour. If your getting ready at the church ask if you can come by and see the room they give you to get ready in.
    bride with bridesmaids all around
  2. Keep it clutter free. If your venue provides you with a tight or dark getting ready space yet its very cute and picture perfect then you will want to keep it clean + pretty. To do this it is best to have your bridesmaids get dressed and be all ready to go before arriving to the getting ready location. This will eliminate the need for extra bags, hair care items, shoes and all the extras.
  3. When getting ready in a tight space you may want to only elect one or two people to help you into your dress while everyone else waits outside. This also helps to provide a calm stress free mood:) And an extra bonus: you get to do a first look with your beautiful bridal party!
  4. Dark + Tight Room. Ok so lets say you have more then 6 bridesmaids (your large dressing room just became very tight feeling) and everyone needs to get dressed in the same space because of logistics. On top of that, the room is a bit dark because it is a cloudy day and there are bags everywhere. NOW WHAT?!
    Not a problem, we got ya girl! What we do in this case is take you outside of the getting ready space. I will take a peek around and find a space that is pretty with lots of gorgeous light. Then in the getting ready room, I will have you get into your dress but not zipped. We will then move out to the pretty space and do all the getting ready there. Mom will help to zip, button or tie up your dress. Then we will move onto jewelry, followed by your garter and then the shoes. And we will end with all the ladies fluffing your AMAZING dress.

TIGHT OR DARK GETTING READY, wedding tips, bride in dress, bouquet

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