WEDDING TIP: Wear a Long Veil

There is something just so magical when it comes to putting on a long, flowing, wispy piece of fabric that makes you feel like a fairytale bride. It’s the crowning piece to a gorgeous wedding day. And…that beautiful long veil makes for some of the best pictures ever!!

This is why we encourage brides to choose a long veil on their wedding day. The veil can be incorporated in numerous ways during bridal portraits and the couples session.

We also recommend taking off your veil after photos + your ceremony are complete. Yes, the long veil is GORGEOUS for photos and for your ceremony but we also understand that it can be a bit cumbersome to have on the entire day. The trick is to put it on right before your photos begin and then to take it off right after the ceremony is over.

In place of your long veil you can wear…

  1. Dimond Hair Pins 
  2. Gold Leaf Headband
  3. Jeweled Hair Comb
  4. Lace +  Jewels bridal hair pins

Cheers to Gorgeous wedding days!!


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