July 25, 2018

WEDDING TIP: Just Ask for the Photo



Your photogs have no idea who your great uncle Tim is so here is why you should just ask for the photo.

Bridal party with bride in front of the Biltmore ballrooms Atlanta horn photography and designThe Issue

On your gorgeous wedding day Brandon and I sincerely learn the names of (and your relationships with) your entire bridal party, immediate family and closest friends.

But it is incredibly hard to get to know people outside of that range. Unfortunately we won’t know your Great Uncle Tim who was a bull rider, Aunt Kathy who was like your second mother, or cousin Sally who you never talk to, from your old piano teacher who your mother made you invite. Just being totally honest.

The Solution

However, we have crafted a solution over the years. Brandon and I – number one, make it a point to get photos of your guests while they are seated before dinner starts or during the dancing. Brandon may also take a selfie or two with guests who don’t have a date. It helps them to feel welcomed:) And two, we are never too far behind you during your reception. But not close enough that you feel like a creeper is following you – just saying.

Just Ask for the Photo

The purpose for that is so we can capture candid moments of you interacting with the people you love and adore. The second reason we stay with in visual sight is so you can easily ask us for a photo. Always feel free to tap us on the shoulder and say “Hey, can you take a photo of Great Uncle Tim and I?!” YES!! The answer is always YES. But we will require at least one bull riding story;)

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