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Please don’t hate us for being honest… but as photographers this is how we keep the moment sacred. It truly breaks our hearts to see a dozen bright glaring cell phones and iPad screens reaching into the middle of the walkway as our bride walks down the aisle with her father, to meet her groom.

The screens drastically take away from the sacredness of the moment for everyone, the gorgeous couple, the beautiful guests and the photos. It takes people out of the present moment and into something else – what we like to call the “technology timezone”. Next thing you know they are editing the photos and sharing them on social media rather then being in the present moment of the wedding.

KEEP THE MOMENT SACRED Catholic cathedral wedding photography Horn photography and Design

For the photographs, the screens are a distraction in the peripheral of the frame and will make the photos look dated in the coming years.

But most importantly it is taking away from the bride and groom.

To avoid the “technology timezone” distraction we suggest asking the officiant to make an announcement right before the ceremony. This would invite your guest to be present and enjoy the wedding by please putting there cell phones away and instead bringing out their gorgeous smiles.

KEEP THE MOMENT SACRED Catholic wedding photography Horn photography and Design

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