March 3, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tip Episode 009: Hire a Reputable Wedding Photographers


When choosing your wedding photographers you want a team you know will produce great work for you.

Wedding photographers with a good reputation will come through for you. A proven track record of being easy to work with, having a positive attitude, and producing great images for many clients is very important.

One of the difficulties of the wedding photography industry is that there are many, many newcomers joining every day. Many people with a camera who see it as an industry they can jump into to make a quick buck with very little time, effort and work. These type of people quickly lean this is the farthest thing from the truth and end their quick fancy with photography quite abruptly leaving the couples who trusted them with poor work, less them desirable images and a horrible client experience. 

Photography is an art from which is crafted over time with experience. It take skill, a creative eye, extensive understanding of light theory and the intricacies of what a camera and lens are capable of and how to use them correctly. 

Please know, that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a newbie. We were new once, too, about 15 years ago! But, we can admit – it is still more of a gamble than going with someone who has built the credibility already.

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