March 24, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tip Episode 012: Avoid Stressful Vibes


Try your best to stay clear of situations or perhaps a person or persons who bring you stress on your wedding day. Obviously in your regular daily life don’t just avoid someone because of stress. We all have to be accountable for actually reaching out and loving people who may cause us stress, conflict or grievance.

What we are saying is that your wedding day is most likely not the best day to do that. Everything has its right ordered place and time.

Also learn to identify the situations and emotions in your life which drain your energy. Once identified make space from those type of situations and emotions on your wedding day.

A good way to do this is by picking one calm friend to help keep some distance between you and those situations or persons and to distract you when emotions seem to be heating up.

Your wedding day is a day to be grateful and full of joy as you enter in to marriage with the one you love.

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