June 9, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tip Episode 023: Its More Than A Party


As Brandon and I planned our wedding day we quickly realized we had to work as a team to create something we both desired and strived for. We wanted it to be more than a party. But working as a team did not necessarily come naturally to us. We found ourselves arguing over stupid stuff. We pushed each other’s buttons and easily annoyed each other. But at the same time, we were still deeply in love and crazy excited to get married to each other. 

It was during that time of planning, that we realized we need to work at being a team. We needed to work at our relationship, to work at loving each other well. We also realized that starting the work before we even got married would help us through our journey of marriage. 

Which brings us to our wedding tip…

For every hour you spend planning your beautiful wedding day, spend another hour working on deepening your relationship. This will help it become more than a party. It is so easy to get caught up in the right wedding colors, the perfect venue, the most beautiful florals that we forget it’s only one day but the relationship you have is for a lifetime. Let your wedding day be the happiest  day ever. But also setup the foundation that everyday after your wedding day is also the happiest day ever!

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