July 21, 2021



We are both huge animal lovers and every year we document several engagements sessions and weddings that include our couples’ pups. So this is how to include your pups for your shoot or wedding day. And over the last 12 years we have learned several important tips that will help you to have a successful session or wedding day with your fur babies.

  1. The first and most important is to make sure your pup is well exercised an hour – 30mins before your session or an hour – 30mins before your wedding ceremony. 
    Animals are much calmer and more cooperative once they have had the opportunity to get out all their pent up energy. A long walk in a near by park, playing fetch in the back yard or playing tug of war in your living room, anything that will get out their energy.
    Several of our couples have had a Rover come over and walk their dog an hour before their session or wedding day ceremony this way they can continue to prepare for their session or wedding wile their fur baby is getting some much needed exercise.
  2. Secondly bring along their favorite treats or toy. We will need to get them to look at the camera by holding their favorite treat or toy just above it. It will also help us to get them to sit a lay down for photos. 
  1. Another big must have is bringing along a friend or family member to take care of your pup while they are not in photos. When pets are in an engagement session we begin the session with them for the first 20 mins. The remaining 40 mins they will need someone to watch them. Leaving them in the car is not an option as most all cities have ordinances that prohibit keeping a pet in a car for a long period of time. Our studio can also be find with animal cruelty if the humane department is call. Due to this, if there is no pet watcher present we will need to reschedule the session. 
  1. Have an outfit Change
    Photos with pets can end up getting your clothing full of hair or even a little dirty from their paws so we always suggest bring along a change of clothing when shooting this your furry friends. 

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