Surprise Proposal at Amicalola Falls: Dylan + Gracie

The sun was just cresting over the mountain tops and the first glimmer of light fell upon the quiet morning. As the valleys began to be uncovered from the darkness of night the high peak of Amicalola could be seen in all its glory with waters raging downward as if dancing with delight in the morning sun. He held her hand as they made the hike towards the top of the falls. Onward and upward they climbed into the delighfulness of it all.

As they reached the mid point bridge before their feet laid 50 red and white roses covered in a light mist from the cascading falls. The strong roar echoed from every point and filled every cavern with the sounds of natures true strength. With a profound smile and deep breath Dylan bent down on one knee and asked Gracie to be his wife. Nature in all its grander seemed as if it was dancing, rejoicing and resounding in the sweet whispers of love which flowed from Gracies lips as she said yes.

Cheers Dylan + Gracie!
May God bless your love story with deep devotion and unending grace.

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