Blue Ridge Elopement: Erica + Travis

Just as fall began to whisper in a cool breeze over the Blue Ridge Mountains and the green tips of the leaves started to show a faint golden hue, Erica + Travis exchanged their vows of love.

Their beautiful elopement was intimate and cozy surrounded by wild untamed woods, the two of them and Alex, Erica’s beyond lovely daughter. Alex helped her mother into her dress in the light quenched master bedroom while Travis got ready downstairs.

Once these two beautiful souls were ready they walked with excited anticipation down the front porch steps and up the lush green forest covered drive for their first look!

The day was perfect with everything they needed, family + true love.

And then it was time for Erica + Travis to exchange their vows!

Heart fluttering, deeply soul moving love!

Dear Erica + Travis,
Thank you for sharing your love with us and allowing us to document such and intimate journey in your love story. May this day mark the beginning of an adventure that will never end.
The Horns

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