Cedar Plantation Wedding Acworth, GA: Lindsey + Matt

About a year ago we met Lindsey + Matt for the first time as they walked hand in hand into our studio for their wedding consultation. They were both darling and so much in love. But what blew us away was their love story. It was a story of a man, who had a plan, a plan not to give up, a plan to love with all his heart and a plan to be the man she deserves.

This plan took two years of heart, dedication and purification. Before Matt met Lindsey he had developed a taste for the spirits – but the moment he saw her his life changed. His mission and his plan was to become the man she deserved.  Despite many challenges Matt’s plan paid off and two years later over a game of cards, with lots of laughing, flirting and good conversation their love story began.

As I write this I find myself tearing up because to meet a Man who overcomes an incredible challenge for the love of his heart, to me is a hero. Matt fought dragons and demons to be with the one he loves and he stood before everyone this past weekend as a strong shining example of what love truly is. Dying to self for another. And to see the way Lindsey embraces and loves him back is endearing beyond belief. LOVELOVELOVE!!!

A BIG thank you to all the creative vendors who helped to make this day beautiful!

House of Flowers
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