October 7, 2020

Chapel Wedding In The Woods: Deanna + Kenny


EEEEk we have been so looking forward to Deanna + Kenny’s gorgeous wedding day. We met these two amazing souls in September of 2019 while documenting Deanna’s brothers wedding, Ryan and Evelyn. They met with us shortly after and chatted about their wedding day vision, which included a gorgeous lake, natural beautiful views and the feeling of leaving the busy world behind for a day to celebrate love. And friends, we can tell you the day was all that and so much more.

With a high of 65, a cool breeze, lots of sunshine, fall leaves beginning to show and two incredible families coming together as one thanks to the love two people have for each other, the day was perfection.

Both the ladies and the gentleman all prepared for the day on location at In The Woods, an impeccable location for leaving the world behind and falling into love.

Warning… below is the first look with the bridesmaids, mom and son first look and father daughter first look, you may need a tissue!

Following the first looks, because the property is miles long, we were able to easily document separate bridal photos without Kenny every seeing his beautiful bride before her walk down the aisle.

However, these two hearts did opt for a No Peeking First Touch! A few sweet moments to connect, calm their nerves and know that their best friend is only moments away from being their forever love! And Kenny never once tried to peek, it must be that Army training, a true gentlemen.

Then it was wedding time in the outdoor chapel at In The Woods.

Like we said, absolute perfection! It was a perfection only Deanna + Kenny can bring. Because we have had the honor and blessing of documenting her brothers wedding and working with and being around the Shaw family for two fabulous weddings we have gotten to experience just how brilliant their family is.

The shaw family has a laid back, fun loving nature which is highlighted with a genuine character of kindness, compassion and graciousness – they all carry this. At the same time each sibling is unique and totally different in a wonderful way which is why we were so excited for their wedding day.

Seriously these two are amazing! Reception time.

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  1. Janice Shaw says:

    Everything I imagined and so much more. Sincere thanks to Brandon & Michelle!

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