January 30, 2020

Dahlonega Intimate Wedding: Kristine + Chris


When you live in a small town and a local artist ask you to document their wedding day, your heart just melts!

This past Saturday was full of sunshine, cool temperatures and crisp breeze, a true Dahlonega winter day filled with abundant beauty. The perfect day for Kristine + Chris to become husband and wife. Friends and family gathered at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to witness the love these two amazing people share. Following the ceremony we documented that love and all the goodness it ads to this world.

By the way, Kristine is a jeweler, so buying the perfect ring for the girl who knows everything about rings and can create one from scratch is not an easy task. But Chris was able to get the most beautiful ring ever, with a yellow diamond surrounded by white diamonds.

After their ceremony we headed downtown Dahlonega to Kristine + Chris’s favorite chocolate shop (our fav too) Paul Thomas Chocolates! And then documented a few photos of them sitting on their choice bench enjoying their sweets. They sit on this bench each week after lunch together sharing a truffle and they plan on doing it for years to come.

We finished up with a walk in the park!

Dear Kristine + Chris,
It was truly and honor + joy documenting your gorgeous wedding day. The love you share is so beautiful and contagious. We left your wedding day feeling so full of positive goodness. We know God has amazing plans for you both and we are so excited to see what those will be. May this year and all the years to come be filled with chocolate truffles on the square, many laughs, lots of cuddles and years of warm conversations. Cheers to you both!

Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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