June 15, 2022

Gorgeous Kaya Vineyard Wedding: Kari + Tyler


Wedding Day Getting Ready

Kari + Tyler became husband and wife at Kaya Vineyard with family and friends there to celebrate their love. The day was gorgeous with beautiful blue skies, lush green vines, majestic mountains and dear family connections.

Kari slipped into her dress with the help of her mother and sister in one of the stunning Kaya cottages. Elegant colors of soft nude, blush pinks, deep wine, and luxurious green set the tone for the day. The cottage was alive with excitement and joy and littles could be heard giggling with anticipation.

Tyler with the help of his groomsmen dressed in Kaya’s bridal suite. Handsome blues set the mood for the gentlemen.

Bridesmaids First look + Dad’s First Look

Once Kari was dressed she opted for a first look with both her bridesmaids and her father. Tissues needed!

In the meantime the gentleman prepared with a toast to Tyler and well wishes on his wedding day.

Each of the littles “Kari’s nieces and nephews” took a special little moment to see her… priceless. Her brother also snuck in a wonderful moment to see his sister before she walked down the aisle.

While everyones hair and makeup was looking fabulous we documented separate bridal party photos. A great way to ease stress.

Sometimes life happens and a loved on has to unexpectedly miss a wedding day. This loved one was Kari’s Matron of honor. However, she was able to video chat in and do a little first look with Kari too!

Then it was time for their No Peeking First Touch.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony over looked one of our brilliant Dahlonega Mountain range views and a round arch encompassed the moment of their vows. A soft breeze kept every one cool and the vines danced to the sound of love. The day could not have been more perfect.

Following the vows we snuck Keri + Tyler off for some romantic photos in the vines.

Dear Kari + Tyler,
We hope these photos bring you both years of amazing memories filled with some much love and joy. Thank you again for choosing us as your photographers, it was a true joy to document your love story. May the years of your marriage be filled with a love that grows deeper and deeper day by day and leave behind a legacy of beautiful people you call family.

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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