Saint Brigid Catholic Church Wedding: Alex + Katy

It was a warm San Francisco night  and they were enjoying dinner with friends and family at a gorgeous underwater restaurant. Dinners were presented on brilliant white china some drizzled with a rich balsamic vinegar and other plates were carrying warm bread and delicious dipping sauce.  Light hearted and fun loving conversation embraced the table and the two of them fell even deeper in love.

As the stars began to peek through the sky and dinner came to an end Alex invited Katy to join him on top of the light house that overlooked the gorgeous city and salty sea. He looked deeply into her eyes and with shaky hands asked the most important question of his life… “Katy will you marry me?”. With a heart overflowing with love, happiness and excitement Katy said yes.

And so this past weekend that yes turned into “I DO” at Saint Brigid Catholic Church followed by the reception at 173 Carlyle House!

Congratulations Katy + Alex!!
Your wedding was gorgeous and your love story is truly amazing. It was an absolute honor capturing your first day as husband and wife.

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