February 4, 2021

St. Cecelia Church Catholic Wedding: Abby + Dan


Abby + Dan’s wedding was filled with God’s abundant Grace, Beauty and Joy over the weekend. These two amazing souls exchanged their vows at St. Cecelia Catholic Church in Clearwater Florida and it was beyond inspiring.

If you have been following our photography for quite some time then St. Cecelia Catholic Church most likely sounds very familiar to you. This is where Brandon and I met 13 years ago and exchanged our vows 11 years ago. It is also where we photographed our first professional wedding together and where Brandon was the youth minister for 8 years. So much has happened in this love filled house of God.

This church is also where we first met Abby when she was just in high school and attended the youth group. As God would have it this is also were we met her entire family, shot many weddings over the years for their family and also so many family sessions. Abby’s family is like a second family to us. So obviously Abby +Dan’s wedding was so very special to our hearts.

Abby + Dan’s Love Story

Abby and Dan’s love story began online followed by enjoying a fun and relaxing dinner at the Courtyard Grill for their first date. From day one Dan made it easy for Abby to laugh and be herself round him, she immediately felt comfortable.

As they continued dating Dan knew she was the one, some would say he know she was the one right from the start. So on a trip to New Hampshire, December 27th of 2019 Dan took Abby on a Sleigh Ride. Just a soft dusting of snow had fallen all over the town, it was magical. With the perfect day and the perfect backdrop he proposed and obviously Abby said yes! When they got back from the sleigh ride both his family and Abby’s family were all their waiting for them, which was a joyful surprise for the “soon to me Mrs.” Abby!

The Wedding Day at St. Cecelia Catholic Church

Dan and the guys got ready in the youth house…so much nostalgia! The ladies dressed in the Larkin Center and filled the entire space with warm conversation and giggles of excitement.

Dad’s First Look and Bridesmaids First Look

Abby chose to do a first look with her dad. He was so proud of his little girl and her mom peeked through one of the side windows as it all happened. She then did a first look with her bridesmaids too…LOVE!! After the bridesmaids first look, they all gathered around Abby and with her mom leading said a prayer for her. So many God filled happy tears!

The No-Peeking First Prayer

Abby + Dan chose to do a 1st prayer together without seeing each other. Divided by the front door of the youth house, a door she had walked into each Sunday for years, they held hands, said a prayer and exchanged letters. (Just a side note – this was totally a proud youth minister (wife) moment! To see one of your kids enter into the sacrament of marriage on the grounds where God gave you the gift to help guide others in their faith was deeply humbling and awe-inspiring.)

The Wedding Ceremony

EEEK and then it was time for their Wedding Mass to begin.

“Love Never Fails” by Brandon Heath
Love is not proud
Love does not boast
Love after all Matters the most
Love does not run
Love does not hide
Love does not keep Locked inside
Love is the river that flows through
Love never fails you

Bridal Party Photos and Romantic Photos

Following the wedding the wedding party got together for some celebratory photos and then we snuck these two hearts off for some romantic photos.

The fabulous Reception

Then it was party time!

Congratulations Abby + Dan on your beautiful Holy Spirit filled wedding day! We know God has so much goodness planned for you both. It was truly an honor and a joy to document your first day and husband + wife and such a wonderful part of your love story. May this be the beginning to a life long love for both our Lord and each other. And together many you help each other get to heaven.

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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