July 29, 2020

Tuscan Wedding at Montaluce Vineyard: Katherine + James


We LOVE dreamy Tuscan weddings with lush green vineyards, a warm summer breeze and happiness beyond belief. That is exactly what this past weekend was for Katherine + James’ gorgeous wedding day at Montaluce Winery.

Perfection, that is what you see when these two amazing souls come together… pure perfection. The love they share is inspiring and if you take a moment just to observe it you can see moments of God’s Glory all around their love story.

Katherine + James are high school sweet hearts, they started dating when she was a senior and he was a junior after being friends for 3 years first. Katherine put James in the “friend zone” when they first met. But then one summer, after not seeing each other for three months, James came back (in Katherines words) “a total babe!” So he went from “friend zone” to boyfriend.

Their relationship continued through college and even endured long distance for 1 full year. They had experienced several long term dating spirts over their relationship due to travel and study but the full year was the longest. Even though distance kept them physically part their hearts grew even stronger spiritually and gave James the longing to call Katherine his wife!

So after a year of long distance, James headed up to DC and asked Katherine to marry him! Obviously she said yes. Which lead to them both getting ready at Montaluce Winery for their epic wedding day.

Also, grab a few tissues, we did mom’s first look with both of them! So adorable.

And even though this weekend was a bit rainy we had just enough breaks in the rain to enjoy the sun, summer breeze and beautiful vineyard.

These two love birds chose to not see each other before the ceremony and opted instead to do a First Prayer!

The ladies prayed over Katherine first and then we headed to a location where her and James could pray together without seeing each other.

Prayer surrounded the entire day, it was magical. Once their pastor arrived he too came down to pray over Katherine and ask the ladies to join him as well. Then it was time for their two souls to become one.

Their ceremony was breathtaking and took place on the large balcony over looking the vineyards. Wooden tuscan chairs were set out for guest to be seated, a hand crafted wine barrel held their unity candles and a floral arch adorn the center of the ceremony.

Talk about a great looking bridal party! Also, they were all just as beautiful on the inside and they were on the outside.

After the wedding we snuck James and Katherine off for some romantic photos down in the wine cellar as soft rain drops fell upon the vineyards.

A gourmet dinner designed by Montaluce’s head culinary chef was pristinely plated and served. Long rustic wooden tables set the mood for the fine dining experience and hand picked wine elevated the rich flavors.

And then it happened, the rain broke, so we quickly scooped up these two hearts for a few more gorgeous photos in the vines!

Then it was on to cake cutting and dancing!

A Big Thank You to all the amazing creatives who came together to make this wedding so pretty!

Montaluce Winery & Vineyard

Wedding Planner
Shelby Everts w/ Montaluce

Wedding Dress Designer
Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

La Petite Fleur

Wedding Cake
Montaluce Pastry Chef

Ceremony String Duet

J&M Music Studio

Pirone Entertainment

Wedding Photography
Horn Photography and Design

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