White Oaks Barn Dahlonega GA Wedding: Ashley + Chris

White Oaks Barn Dahlonega GA Wedding: Ashley + Chris

You always here in the spring “love is in the air“. But I would have to say that… In the fall love is everywhere! This past weekend we enjoyed a double wedding weekend with two absolutely gorgeous couples. Chris & Ashley were on of those couples.

It all began 8 years ago when the met in French class. Ashley was selling those oh to famous chocolate school fund raiser candy bars we all love so much. As she enjoyed one herself while reading a book during French class Chris came up to ask if he too could get one of those scrumptious candy bars. That simple yet sweet (pun intended) interaction started it all. From then on these two were inseparable. High school turned into college at Georgia Southern and then finally college graduation. It was on graduation day at the Sweet Heart Circle that Chris got down on one knee in front of all their family + friends and asked Ashley to be his wife.

She said “YES!”.

This past weekend the day came and Ashley + Chris exchanged their vows with tears of joy, lots of love and plenty of fun!

Dad’s First Look!

Ashley + Chris choose White Oaks Barn for the picture perfect backdrop it provides in the fall with lots of gorgeous colors and the mountain views.

All the bridesmaids + Ashley  wore Converse on the wedding day. I have to admit diamonds and Converse go pretty well together.

They choose to do a not peeking first touch. Christ was blindfolded…LOVE!!

A cute little side note: Ashley asked Chris if he would grow out a little of his facial hair for their wedding. However, Chris has a corporate job which requires him to keep a close shave. So he took a week off of work before their wedding to grow it out just for her.

Be still my heart Christ had tars of JOY!!

Getting bustled and ready for the grand entrance.

Thank you to all the people who made this day possible with a HUGE thank you to Ashley’s stepmom who did all the florals and decor. It is a hobby of hers that she loves to do.

Venue / Catering / Planner

White Oaks Barn
FB: WhiteOaksBarn
IG: @whiteoaksdahlonega

Wedding Cake
Sweet Startt’s
FB: SweetStartts

Reception DJ
Matt Frankel with Marquee Events

FB: marquee.events.atlanta

Photography & Videography

Horn Photography and Design
FB: hornpd
IG: @hornpd


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