July 15, 2022

Yonah Mountain Vineyard Gorgeous Summer Wedding: Taylor + Kirkland


Summer in the North Georgia Mountains is beyond amazing. Summer days are filled with beautiful skys, dancing breeze that ruffles the trees + vines, and lots of fabulous memories. Taylor and Kirkland made so unforgettable memories this summer at Yonah Mountain Vineyards as they became husband and wife. Borrowed and Blue planner Kadie, had the day set up perfectly along with stunning floral designs by Bantam & Bloom. White and pink roses with lush greenery set the mood for the day. Taylors brothers, Tyler and Jordan officiated the wedding.

The ladies helped Taylor into her dress in the Yonah Mountain Vineyard Bridal Suite while the gentlemen got ready just across the hall in the mens getting ready suite. The entire venue was a buzz of excitement and of corse a champagne pop to start the day!

Wedding Day Something Old

Taylor’s something old was a ring, over 100 years old, from her great grandmother. Her grandmother placed in on her finger.

Kirkland’s twin bother helped him get ready. It was almost like seeing double!

Parents 1st Look On Wedding Day

Both Taylor and Kirkland chose to do first looks, Taylor with her father and Kirkland with his mother.

No Peeking 1st Touch

Both of them said the no peeking 1st touch calmed their nerves so so much.

Bridal Party Photos

Before the wedding while everyones hair and makeup was on point we documented separate bridal party photos to ensure no peeking. The ladies were in beautiful blush dresses by Birdy Grey. Taylor’s exquisite wedding dress was by Justin Alexander and her veil by LesAccessoires Barcelona. Not to mention hair and make was lovely and done by Beauty Babes Atlanta.

Wedding Ceremony

As we all know wedding days fly by and before they new it, it was time for the ceremony. Guest were seated facing Mount Yonah with a breathtaking view. A gold metal round wedding arch adorn in cascading blush pink roses and lush greenery marked the place of two souls becoming one. White rose petals delicately hung in the middle isle for the ceremony grand exit.

Romantic Photos

Following the ceremony we snuck Taylor and Kirkland off for some romantic photos and gave them time to soak in the fact that they were now husband + wife.

Yonah Mountain Wedding Reception

It was then time to party! And man, Taylor + Kirkland along with their family and friends know how to party.

Dear Taylor + Kirkland,
Thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers. You both look absolutely stunning on your wedding day, can we just say your day was scrumptious filled bliss. We could just see how much love you share between each other and also with all your loved ones. May your wedding day always be one of your fondest memories and always bring you great joy when you reflect on it.

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horn

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