Dahlonega Engagement Shoot: Katheryn + Addison

Dahlonega Georgia Waterfall Engagement Shoot

It was high school when life is carefree, fun and full of adventure around every corner.  She jumped in the car with her best friend and they headed out to watch a band play. As they headed down the road her friend looked over at her and said “your going to fall in love with this guy and marry him!” Kathryn blew off the comment with laughter. At 16 who is thinking about marriage.

They finally arrived and the band was on stage playing. Addison was 17 and everyone was cheering for him. That evening Kathryn and Addison became friends but no butterflies, romance or other intentions. Well…for at least a good 5 months anyway.  Then one evening they went for a walk by the lake lots of laughter, warm conversation and flirtatious glances began to transpire. So as fait would have it they began dating. Neither was that familiar with dating so they learned together.

And still today as they venter down the path to their wedding day in February 2018 they hold hands and journey the road of life together.

Looks like her best friends was RIGHT!!

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