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FEATURE: Borrowed & Blue: Andrea + Steven

What a beautiful Monday it is… today we are so honored to have Andrea + Steven’s gorgeous wedding published by Borrowed & Blue. Andrea + Steven, a true New York Couple who stole ourView full post »

Creating A Fun + Playful Environment For Your Clients

Awkwardness… I swear if you look it up in the dictionary our names will be there, we are awkward. However we don’t see this as a hindrance, rather we use it as a strength. I was alwaysView full post »

THE GRAY DIARIES: 8 Months…Why am I letting my gray grow in?

It’s been some time since I last posted a Gray Update, I totally missed last months post. We have had big changes in our lives! The biggest change and dream come true is that Brandon is nowView full post »

Gorgeous Glamping Wedding Shoot: Anderson Creek Retreat in Elijay, GA

A little over a week ago Brandon and I photographed a styled 4th of July Glamping Wedding at Anderson Creek Retreat in Elijay, Georgia. It was nothing short of splendid due to the amazing people whoView full post »


Kate + Adam said their vows standing in the center of San Antonio Texas at the gorgeous San Fernando Cathedral. As they stood before more then 200 of their family members and friends they vowed toView full post »

Montaluce Winery & Estates – Kristen + Drew’s Engagement

Kristen met Drew online and after their first date at Houston’s for dinner followed by a two hour hunt for an ice-cream shop, lots of laughter and shy glances love sparked and began to work itsView full post »

Pre Wedding Celebrations at the Corkscrew – Jordan + Trevor

Last night Brandon and I had the blessing of capturing the pre wedding celebrations of Jordan + Trevor along with their amazing bridal party and family… and what a beautiful night it was.View full post »

Facebook + Instagram – Respect The Platform

As a business owner I know it can be tempting or even highly suggested that you link your FB and Instagram Accounts to gain a better reach, obtain more followers or to create more of a social mediaView full post »

Urban Atlanta Engagement Session – Iche + JuRiel

I guess you could say they “officially” met at Georgia Southern having the same class together. But at the time neither of them thought anything of it, as they were both in happy datingView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: 4×8 Plywood flying into our car on the Interstate

You know that feeling you get when your traveling behind a pickup truck on the interstate, going about 70 miles per hour, hulling a jumbo open trailer filled with sheets of 4×8 plywood.View full post »

GLORY STORIES: How Brandon & I Met

This is by for one of my favorite Glory Story. I’ll share the short version for blogging sake… We met on a warm summer Sunday evening at the 4pm mass. I walked into church and noticed himView full post »

North Georgia Mountains Engagement Shoot – Danielle + Josh

This past Saturday we had a fabulous evening capturing Danielle + Josh’s gorgeous engagement shoot here in the breathtaking Georgia mountains. We thought it would be fitting to head to the lakeView full post »

Spoken Bride – New Community + New Collaboration

We are absolutely delighted and honored to have just joined up with a new community called Spoken Bride. The community will be launching this month!! Today we received a super sweet thank you forView full post »


Jamie + Andrew said “I Do” at The Museum Of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. The day was absolutely perfect for their outdoor wedding in the Museums garden. The entire day Jamie was calm,View full post »

St. Paul Cleveland Georgia Wedding – Rachel + Andrew

Rachel & Andrews first date took place here in the little mountain town of Dahlonega over Chinese food, big smiles, lots of laughter and amazing conversation. The start to a deep friendshipView full post »

Navigating Pricing As A Photographer

Brandon & I often get the question from photographers, “how do you set your pricing?“. And to be honest there is no wrong or right way to do your pricing. However, there are a fewView full post »

North Georgia Portrait Shoot – Abbigale

North Georgia you have our hearts! Our week started off fabulously with a Monday evening shoot just before sunset, I mean seriously, what is better then breathing in the cool summer evening air inView full post »


I have finally hit the 6 month mark of growing out my gray hair and I have to say, I’m loving it! It may be because I am a creative and a big piece of me is hard wired to go against the grain,View full post »

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding In Atlanta Georgia – Stacey + Tyson

The day of Stacey’s wedding consultation she arrived with her two parents Larry and Judy. We all gather around the large table in our home studio and they all began to share the story of howView full post »

Brianna + Jose North Georgia Engagement

The smell of fresh cut grass has always been the welcome sign of summer for me since I was a kid. The sweet fragrant sent which dances in the air once each blade of grass is cut creates a sense thatView full post »

7 Tips For Getting Your Photography Published

I can remember the feelings we had the first time we ever got published, it was like winning the lottery! Our stomachs were full of butterflies, we were running around the house dancing, the birdsView full post »

How do I figure out what I really want to shoot

Picture this, 95 degree summer day, the wedding party is lining up and the wedding is about to start. The wedding march begins and you’re in place to capture the bride as she walks down theView full post »

GLORY STORIES: Senior Year of High School

Oh high school… you truly were the wonder years. I attended a catholic high school everyday wearing a school uniform. However, my uniform was a bit different. By the end of my freshmen year IView full post »


What can I say, Sarah & Mark are truly an amazing couple. They both have huge hearts, big smiles and share love with everyone. But… not only are Sarah & Mark that way, all theirView full post »

Field of Wild Mountain Flowers – Dahlonega Georgia

This past Monday was absolutely gorgeous, the day started off cool at about 54 degrees and as the sun graced the sky with it’s warm golden glow the temperature rose to 74 degrees and a softView full post »

Believing The Lies – Truly Being Present In A “Connected” World

I have a new adiction “The Heart of Dixie” on Netflix. I know it’s been out for a while but I just started watching a few months ago and I am hooked. I have managed to watch 3 fullView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Vet Visits + Renaissance Festivals

I’m guessing there is a lot of people who have dogs that get anxious at the vet… I totally feel your pain. Now don’t get me wrong, our vet is beyond sweet and they take amazing careView full post »

How to ensure your wedding date + venue line up with booking your dream photographers

When we first started our business 6 years ago I believed that booking your venue first was the best way to go, and I still do. However, I have also learned that when a bride sets her mind on theView full post »


A few months ago I started an installment on the blog that shared wedding advice from our past brides. Well, that got me thinking… what would the grooms advice be?. So I reached out to some ofView full post »

THE GRAY DIARIES: Anemic + Thinning Hair

As I was sitting here at my desk editing photos I realized I had not done a Gray Diaries hair update for the month of March. I do apologize… I have gotten distracted with a few things, one ofView full post »

Night of the Living Dead + Intergrading Your 4 Key for Success over To Social Media

Did I ever tell you about the time we thought the walking dead had come to life? I was in high school and lived two blocks down from my best friend, Lindsey. She lived across the street from a hugeView full post »

Safe Haven Vacation + Huge Nicolas Sparks Fan

It’s true, I have the best husband ever. He watches chick flicks with me without complaining (to much), he buys me flowers, surprises me with chocolates and makes breakfast every morning. He isView full post »

FAQ: Matching Parent Albums

Last week I was incredibly stoked because Katie + Tony’s wedding album arrived along with the two parent albums they ordered. I was so excited, like a kid in a candy store, I could not wait toView full post »

Finding Your 4 Keys to Success

A few weeks ago I shared a post about how to use Facebook better + creating a weekly social media base schedule for posting.  Within this post I shared our top four reasons we have succeeded. I alsoView full post »

Photography Relocating a Small Business + Walking In The Pace of Christ

Small businesses, when I hear these words I think of… Honest True Pure Kind Inviting Friendly Collaborative Real Relationships Family Owned + Operated Warm Smiles Laughter Happiness A Sense ofView full post »