Did you just look at this post cross eyed?!?! HAHA I totally get it, it sounds crazy.

But here is our tip, after the ceremony is over don’t worry about your dress getting a little dirty, trust me the cleaners will get it all out.

One of the reasons our couples choose us to document their wedding day is because we don’t capture the cliche photos, in the “go to” spots that every other photographer uses. We scout out unique, fun locations for our couples that help to tell their unique love story.

And since our couples tend to be fun loving, outgoing and have adventurous notions, they are always up for it. However, this can sometimes mean…
…walking through a gorgeous field of tall grass.
…taking a mini hike up a mountain to a gorgeous over look.
…walking across stepping stones on a beautiful lake reflecting the clouds and mountains.

So worrying about the dress getting a tiny bit dirty needs to disappear to it make it all happen.


Side note: Mine was almost black under the train by the end of the night. I danced the night away so of corse the bottom of my dress was sweeping the floor all night long. The cleaners were able to get every bit of it out.

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