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WEDDING TIP: Just Ask for the Photo

JUST ASK FOR THE PHOTO OF YOUR GREAT UNCLE TIM Your photogs have no idea who your great uncle Tim is so here is why you should just ask for the photo. The Issue On your gorgeous wedding day BrandonView full post »

10 of the Hardest Questions We Had to Face Before We Got Married

Before We Got Married Brandon and I will soon be coming up on 9 years of marriage. In some ways feels like we just got married 2 years ago and in others it feels like we have been married a lifetimeView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Flying Smoothies + Paint

Adulting Can be Hard. The peaks can be high and the valleys can be low. Being married and owning our own home has come with a lot of adulting. Even though I am type A, so adulting comes naturally (myView full post »


You should think about your ceremony. Your ceremony photographs will undoubtedly be some of the most treasured shots of your day. Most of our couples, during their grand reveal of their photos, sayView full post »

How to Shoot a Surprise Proposal

I remember the first surprise proposal we ever shot. We were dressed up as “just a couple” enjoying one of our mountain wineries. We were taking in the gorgeous view of the vineyard whileView full post »


How to Pack out Your Dance Floor How packed do you want your dance floor? I remember our wedding day and how crazy packed our dance floor was. I am pretty sure not a single person was sitting down.View full post »

Dahlonega GA Vineyard Engagement Shoot: Kati + Brad

This Beautiful GA Vineyard Engagement Shoot must start off with a beautiful song to get you in the right mindset. Bloom In the morning when I wake And the sun is coming through, Oh, you fill myView full post »

How To Schedule Portrait Sessions for Gorgeous Natural Light

Let’s dream for a minute Imagine a moment with me. You walk outside just a few hours before sunset. The sky is clear, its a warm day with a beautiful cool breeze and nature just seems to beView full post »

Our Dining Room: the Before & After Reveal

Our Dining room is one of our most loved spaces in our home. It is where we connect each morning as we enjoy breakfast together. Then connect again at lunch as we sit at this table to take a breakView full post »


Nerves, Its Totally Normal Wedding mornings getting ready are full of excitement, joy, happiness and love. And… they are also filled with a touch of nervousness which is totally normal. I feltView full post »


Healthy Multitasking I know what your most likely thinking… healthy multitasking does not exist, and believe us, we used to think the same thing! That was until we used a little creativeView full post »