Wedding mornings are full of excitement, joy, happiness and love. And… they are also filled with a touch of nervousness which is totally normal. I felt the same way the day Brandon and I got married. I remember thinking the night before, “I hope I don’t get so nervous that I shut down or start to cry while I am getting ready”. I longed to feel relaxed, loved and supported. I personally tend to feel relaxed when there is not a lot of stimulation around. I chose to have one person help me get ready while the rest waited outside. However this is not true for all and that is totally OK! We are all created differently and that difference creates unique beautiful experiences.

A few things to think about before you get ready on your wedding day.

Decide ahead of time what you want your wedding morning to look like. Do your prefer a quieter morning of getting ready alone, getting ready with just a couple of your best friends, or having a room full of people around… each environment will provide a very different energy. This energy will translate to your photos.

And a big question to ask yourself and answer honestly is : How does your own demeanor + personal needs mix with each situation?

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