October 26, 2016

Atlanta Georgia Engagement shoot: Lindsey + Matt


It all began at the local hang out, Lindsey was bartending and Matt could not stop thinking about how absolutely beautiful she was. She knew who he was from seeing him around but they had never officially met. On one particular evening Lindsey was collecting donations. As she approached Matt sitting on a bar stool looking very calm and swagger it happened… Matt, trying his best to look GQ, fell off the stool.

You know, that moment, we have all been there; trying to look “COOL” but instead ending up fully embarrassing ourselves. I can totally relate!

Well needless to say Matt left an impression on Lindsey. Good or bad it was there. But Matt had a plan, a plan not to give up, a plan to love with all his heart and a plan to be the man she deserves. And two years later that plan paid off and over a game of cards, with lots of laughing, flirting and good conversation a love story began.

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