The Cottage Vineyard Surprise Proposal : Ashton + Trey

Every time a surprise proposal email comes in we get so excited! So at the start of last week when Trey contacted us asking if we would be available to document his proposal to Ashton at The Cottage Vineyard in Cleveland Georgia our hearts melted and crazy amounts of joy filled our little a-frame loft office.

This past weekend it happened… Trey whisked Ashton off on a mountain wine tour and a Dahlonega Spa weekend stay. A dream weekend get away. As their first stop they came to the Cottage Vineyard. Ashton had no idea what was about to happen!

After a wine tasting and selecting a glass of wine to sip on they watched a typical summer mountain storm roll in. the storm was not a part of Trey’s vision but thanks to God, the storm was shot and sweet. Just enough to really make the proposal a surprise.

Just as the rain became a sprinkle and the sun peeked through the clouds Trey invited Ashton outside to take a look at the gorgeous mountain view while they enjoying their wine. Little did Ashton know, the couple she thought was there on a date, was about to become her photographers.

As Trey walked out to the shady spot under the trees with the perfect mountain view we grabbed out cameras as he turned her back to us. Then seconds later he was down on one knee.

It was an immediate “YES”! As Trey placed the ring on her finger all the people who were watching from inside the Cottage broke out in applause and shots of joy, happiness filled the entire mountain side! Happy tears also gently rolled down Ashton’s cheeks, it was perfect.

Ashton is going to make the most gorgeous bride ever!!

After a good 15 mins, to let it all soak, in we explored the vineyard vines with Ashton + Trey. Talk about two of the most jubilant souls. The vineyard came alive with their love.

Congratulations Trey + Ashton! We are so excited for y’all and we can’t wait to see what the future has for you both! Thank you for allowing us to be apart of what is going to be your amazing love story.

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