North Carolina Fall Engagement Session: Randee + Hans

It was flight school and Randee was 1 of 8 amazing women training to be pilots in a class of 130. Well it was actually 2 classes of 65 that were pulled together to team up. When the two classes met for the very first time each student had to stand before the entire class of 130 and introduce themselves. Weak knees, clammy hands and racing hearts filled the room.  Public speaking the worst fear ever!

But… the moment she began to speak the sweet sound of her voice was ever so enchanting and caught his attention. And as fate would have it she was teamed up with his best friend. Immediately Hans said you have to introduce me to her!”. When the heart knows it just knows. After class his friend introduced them in the hallway which let to 6 months of friendship filled with warm laughter, epic adventures and soaring through the skys together.  It was not long before their friendship turned into love as both become Delta Pilots!

Dear Randee + Hans,
We are so excited for your gorgeous wedding this time next year! The love of life, laid back personality and laughter you share as a couple is so contagious that it even seemed to delight and enhance the beautiful colors of fall that surrounded you during your engagement session.  Gosh, to be able to document this part of your love story is truly an honor and we are so looking forward to your mazing wedding day.

Cheers to a wonderful fall filled with lots of love, family, cozy fires and warm holidays!

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horns


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