Gorgeous Autumn Engagement Session in Dahlonega GA: Paige + Walker

His spirit animal is the wolverine with fierce confidence and wild energy while hers is the beaver with a spirit that lives deep within where dreams aspire and knowledge flows. Both are hardworking and abundant in energy.

I know, spirit animals are just for fun, but when you meet these two amazing humans you can see Walker’s fierce confidence and wild energy and when you talk with Paige you sense her softness that follows dreams and collects knowledge. Their two spirits just fit together as if God handcrafted them to intertwine like two fall leaves dancing in cool the wind before resting on the grass still warmed by the sun.

It’s no wonder they met at a concert and ended up talking to each other the entire night. Well… that was until Paige’s pants ripped (he had no idea) she then snuck off with her friend and said she would text him. He gave her his number but never got hers. Walker thought for sure he would never see her again and was so bummed out. But the next day she text him as promised, they have been together ever since.

This past weekend we documented their gorgeous e-session, it was like a storybook come to life!


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