North Georgia Fall Engagement Session: Lindsay + Chase

It was all planned out. He stayed home from work that day making the perfect dinner and telling her they needed to have a date night. It had been a while since they had one and their love story deserved it! The table was set with an amazing aroma of a  homemade dinner filling the house. As he pulled the chair out for her to sit Boys to Men was playing on the record player.

It was about half way through dinner and Chase said, “I got Penny a funny little outfit today (that is their fur baby), I’ll go put it on her, you’re going to love it!‘. At this point Chase was still cool, calm and collective until he hit to the steps leading up to the bedroom, his heart began to race, his palms were sweaty and it all kicked in. Each step brought him closer to asking Lindsay to be his wife.

He made it to the bed room and dressed Penny in a little flower dress and tied the RING around her neck and at the same time realized On Bended Knee was playing. Oh Fate what a humor you have!! He walked in with Penny, knelt on one knee, confessed his love to Lindsay and asked her to be his forever!


So this past weekend they flew to Georgia from Chicago for their gorgeous engagement session.

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