December 11, 2021

Romantic Foggy Amicalola Fall Proposal: Christopher + Brittany


It was a foggy and misty morning at 8:30am when Chris and Brittany started down the trail to Amicalola Falls. The forest was just awaking and the fog starting to lift from the warmth of the still hidden sunrise. A brisk fall chill lingered in the air. The rattling of crisp leaves echoed through the silence as chipmunks and squirrels gathered their fall harvest of nuts before winter sets in. Hand in hand they took in all the morning sounds, enchanted misty surroundings and the fact that they were free to experience it all to the fullest, as if they had the forest all to the selves, if only for a few moments.

As these two souls approached the main waterfall bridge Brittany could see red roses on the ground just ahead. She was wondering if someone was going to get married that morning on the bridge. As they crossed the bridge they took a few photos of the falls and of corse a few selfies. Chris suggested to Brittany to stand by the railing and he would get a photo of just her by the falls. As she turned around to walk over to the railing Chris got on one knee. When she turned around for the photo he was ready to propose!

Following the proposal we all adventured a bit around the falls and documented some beautiful romantic photos of these two amazing hearts!

Dear Chris + Brittany,
It was such and honor and a joy to document the moment of your proposal! We hope these photos will bring you everlasting memories that will last for generations to come. We have no doubt that God has big and awesome plans for you both. May this Christmas and New Years be filled with so much love and excitement as you share the wonderful news with family and friends. Enjoy the planning process and soak in every moment of it.

The Horns

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