November 24, 2016



Michelle’s List
I’m thankful for another year with my father. As of now he is cancer free!
I’m thankful for having dyslexia – it has enabled me to look at life differently, to learn differently and to overcome difficult challenges.
I’m thankful for my daughter –  she inspires me and keeps me young.
I’m thankful for losing 4 other babies along the way – they have taught me to never give up and that our spirits live on past this life.
I’m thankful for my husband – he is my biggest support and when I fall (not so gracefully) he is there to catch me.
I’m thankful for our clients – without them I could not do what I love.
I’m thankful for my sight – for through these eyes I have been able to witness so much of God’s Glory.
I’m thankful for my friends – they tell me the truth even when it hurts and bring me joy in all seasons.
I’m thankful for my mother – she has taught me to work hard and never give up on my dreams.
I’m thankful for my brother + sisters – I am the youngest so they taught me if you can dish it you better be able to take it (such and important life lesson).
I’m thankful for my failures – they teach me how to get back up, to endure and how to be humble.
I’m thankful for my faith – it has been my strong hold and place of security my entire life.
I’m thankful for the experiences that have made me, me.

Brandon’s List
I’m thankful for my siblings. Though they might seem crazy to me at times they are always there.
I’m thankful for  my wife. She loves me even though I too am a bit crazy just like my family.
I’m thankful for work. The very fact that I have work brings me joy.
I’m thankful for new friends. Moving to a new area and making friends is tough but worth it.
I’m thankful for old friends. Just because we moved away doesn’t mean we have lost complete touch.
I’m thankful for our clients – I mean seriously these people are amazing and so much fun to be around.
I’m thankful for my health. Who said you can’t be in better shape in your 30’s than in, well ever in your life.
I’m thankful for a beautiful home. My wife makes this place so warm and inviting.
I’m thankful for my Salvation. Jesus Christ died for me and for my sins so that I might live with Him.
I’m thankful for major life changes. Jumping full time with our business is one of the best things ever to happen.
I’m thankful for a sense of humor. hahah
I’m thankful for vegetables. I never thought I would learn to prepare, eat and then crave them so much.
I’m thankful for my parents. Without them I wouldn’t be here, literally, ahah.

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