6 Years Of Marriage

Everyday for the last 6 years I have gotten to wake up each morning knowing that my best friend is by my side. And in each of those mornings things are fresh, new and alive. There has been mornings of waking up to the windows open, the smell of fresh cut grass flowing in on the breeze and birds chirping with delight.   In the winter the mornings are cold yet cozy and we often wake up fighting over the covers. This playful tugging of the covers is usually followed by us breaking into laughter over how the dogs are sitting and watching us be ridiculous, their heads at a crooked angle and their ears pointed to the sky.

But there has also been mornings when we wake up and one of us is sick with the flue, a 102 degree fever and chills. Or the mornings when we have only slept for 4 hours because we stayed up late taking care of someone God put in our lives that evening. Morning when one of us is so exhausted we can’t even gather the strength to sit up.

As all of these mornings have passed for the last 6 years I have found that each one brings me deeper into the heart of my mazing Husband. I have discovered along the way his constant loyalty to our lives together. He encourages my personal growth and my dreams of our future. For him I am so thankful.

I love you Brandon Horn!

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