January 3, 2018

Michelle’s New Years Resolutions


I pretty much fully dork out when it comes to making and keeping my New Years Resolutions. I even do a six-month check in June to see how my resolutions are going… like I said full dork mode. There is just something about checking everything off my yearly list that is intoxicating.  So with that in mind here is this years list:

  1. Buy less stuff and have more EXPERIENCES!
  2. Minimize. Even though we have downsized I still want to declutter even more. I am in love with a minimal lifestyle. It feels so free.
  3. Have regular date nights with my hubby – at least 2 a month.
  4. Read more spiritual literature.
  5. Learn how to cultivate genuine peace in my life.
  6. Travel to at least 10 new places this year.
  7. Start a new garden this spring.
  8. Attend a photography workshop.
  9. Meet more local creatives.
  10. Start teaching the basics of photography to beginners.

That is this years top 10! Over the years I have learned that the faster you jump to working on your list the easier it is to complete. Starting with more experiences we are going to see The Lion King Broadway Show (it also will count as a date night – two in one). See I warned you I was a dork. Then at the end of January, we will do a binge through the house getting rid of anything we don’t need.

Cheers to a beautiful New Year and I wish you great success with your New Years Resolutions.

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