January 5, 2018

Photography: How to Recover Photos from a Bad Memory Card


How to Recover Photos from a bad memory card?  This is most likely every photographers worst nightmare. It’s a late night after a GORGEOUS HIGH-END WEDDING, you get back to the studio and realize that one of your memory cards has gone bad. Your heart starts racing, your palms sweating and your stomach balls up in knots.


How are you going to ever explain this?!?! Let’s make it even worse and say it was the memory card use to document the entire wedding ceremony…call 911 you are now having a heart attack.

How to recover photos from bad memory card
This can happen to old cards and EVEN NEW ONES! Oh yes, it has happend to us. We had just purchased 20 new memory cards to replace some old ones and sure enough a brand new card, never even used before, went bad the very first time we used it. Technology, new equipment, high tech gear is all great, however it can backfire. But… thank goodness for recovery software. It saved our life!

What Software to Use

The recovery software we use is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The cost is about $60 – which is nothing when it comes to getting back priceless photos. Even if you have reformated your card it can still recover the images as long as you have not taken new photos over them. So if you landed on this post because you googled what to do if your memory card goes bad, take a deep breath and get EaseUs Data Recovery Wisard and try that before you panic.


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