July 14, 2016

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Dog Sitting + Nesting

About a month ago Brandon and I agreed to dog sit his parents dog, Reilly. Well she arrived this week.

As we came home from grocery shopping pulling up the drive we could see our pups in the grand front window with tails wagging at warp speed… crazy excitement that we were finally home. Us leaving for more then an hour feels like ETERNITY to them. We opened up the back hatch, grabbed as many paper bags full of groceries as we could (for some reason we are obsessed at trying to bring everything in on one trip) and we headed for the door. As usual Brandon balanced one bag on his knee wile biting on the paper handle with his teeth to keep it in place.  After he unlocked the door I precariously maneuvered around him to push it open ( seriously, don’t try this at home – we have practiced this a million times – and not always successfully)… but for some reason pushing the door open was not so easy.

Something was stoping it. 

I finally got the door open wide enough to just squees in with 4 paper bags full of groceries in my arms, then I saw it. Every pillow from our couch, every couch cushion, all the decretive pillows from our additional seating were spiraled on the floor like a game of leap frog. But that was not all. After setting the groceries down I began to look for the culprit. As I headed into our bedroom I could see all our white decor bedroom pillows on the floor and our white comforter pulled half way across the room.

There she was… Reilly! Nested at the head of our bed and on our main sleeping pillows directly in the center.

As I looked at her and said “Reilly, what did you do“. She slowly lifted her head cocked it to the side snuffed her noes and began to burrow even deeper into our bed finally coming to a resting position looking at me once more with her big puppy eyes and wagging tail. As if to say “But I’m so cute!”. Lesson of the day… if you stay humble, sweet and kind even when you mess up big time – forgiveness is soon to follow. Only 2 more weeks of dog sitting to go. This leads me to this weeks Peaks & Valleys.

Horn Photography & Design Reily-001

This week’s VALLEYS go to…

• The Pillow Monster even though she is cute!
• The Fresh Baked Double Glazed donuts that scream “buy me, I taste so good” every time we go to the grocery store.
• Not being able to sleep-in. Every morning without an alarm clock I wake up between 7 – 7:15 am. No matter what time I go to bed my body wakes up full of energy. Just one time I would like to be abel to lavish in the joy of sleeping-in.

This week’s PEAKS go to…
• Tea, I don’t know what I would do without it, maybe I am part English or something.
• 3.5 mile trail around the lake by our home. Every evening we walk 3.5 miles together up and down steep foot hills around the lake. I sound nerdy but it is so cleansing.
• Saturday Banana Pancakes with my hubby, because it makes life sweeter.


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