July 22, 2016

Top 10 Wedding Cakes We have Photographed + 11 Tips for Ideal Cake Table Locations


Did someone say cake… you had me at cake. Can I get some cake!

Over the years Brandon and I have photographed hundreds of wedding cakes, we have also had the extreme pleasure of tasting most of these AMAZING cakes. But really who are we kidding, if you say cake we are all about it! As I was editing today I thought it would be fun to share some of the best cakes we have ever seen. And along with that I wanted to share a few tips on choosing the best location for your wedding cake at your reception. You spent a lot of money on your cake don’t hide it in a dark corner.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0012A divine naked wedding cake with gold flakes, roses and greenery created by Cakes by Carissa. Not only are her cakes gorgeous but they taste amazing as well. The beautiful cake was not hidden back in the corner it was displayed in the front center of the room on its own table for all arriving guests to swoon over.

Tip #1 – Place your cake where everyone can swoon over it, the front center of the room is a great location.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0019

I loved this white to teal ombre cake…soooo beautiful! Publix did a phenomenal job creating this deliciousness, because lets be honest we all love Publix frosting. Susan + Darren decided to place their cake on its own table right next to their sweetheart table which was located in front of the entire reception for everyone to see.

Tip #2 – If letting your cake stand alone in the center of your reception scares you a bit, set it up next to the head table or sweetheart table for all to see. The light there will be amazing.

Susan and Darren also decided to have white drapery hung behind them and their cake table.

Tip #3 – A white background for your cake always makes great photos!

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0024Did someone say design a cake to match your tattoos, they sure did. This art inspired cake was designed by Confection Perfection and focuses on the bride’s clock tattoo which she had done specially for their wedding day as it tells their wedding date. LOVELOVELOVE. The cake was placed directly in the center of the head table.

Tip #4 – Let your creative side shine when choosing the design for your cake.

Tip#5 – Want to keep your cake in view, place it in the center of your head table.
Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0013Whimsical, graceful and regal all at the same time. Yet another perfect cake designed by Cakes by Carissa.  Seriously I can’t get enough of her cakes people! An outdoor wedding is picture perfect for a wedding cake. This cake was placed in front of the garden entrance, everyone coming to the wedding were treated with this stunning cake.

Tip #6 – Having your wedding cake outside is doable and looks amazing. Carissa can advise you on what time if year is best for outdoor cakes and what icing to choose.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0015Cake and donuts, everything about this is RIGHT! Karen + Joe love them some sweets and I am all for it. They chose to have both, a simple yet elegant wedding cake by Alessi Bakery along with mouth watering donuts by The Hole Donuts. A tantalizing duo! Karen + Joe placed their cake in the Main reception room by the main Hors d’oeuvre for all to see.

Tip #7 – Set out a large decadent table full of delicious sweets and have your cake right in the center.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0022I know you just gushed over this breathtaking cake designed by Confection Perfection.  It is truly amazing! The cake was placed just outside the main reception room, yep outside even though the reception was inside. The cake was beautifully framed by two glass doors that opened up to it’s radiant beauty. The entire room was drawn by nature light streaming through the doors surrounding this amazing cake.

Tip #8 – Good lighting for your cake will make a great photo. This can be done with nature light or pin lighting.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0023

A dark ravishing wedding cake placed in front of a white wall with beautiful florals. Everything about this screams polished, chic and luxurious. Another masterful design by Confection Perfection. The cake was placed right by the main entrance against a white wall  which opened up to the main dance floor of the venue. I can’t express enough how awesome white walls or back drops are for showing off your wedding cake.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0017I had to share this one with Kate + Adam in it so you can appreciate the size of this cake. It is huge and designed by Délice Chocolatier & Patisserie.  The floral design that hugs this stunning all white cake just exuded romance and elegance.  Kate + Adam placed their cake to the right side of the main entrance door which also happened to be next to their sweetheart table, a key location for all to see.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0020One more large cake. It looks like it was placed in a corner when in reality it was set right up front by the sweetheart table and stage at Andrea + Stevens wedding. The room layout was actually a round ballroom. I can’t get over the white layered icing and soft florals and the cake was sooooo good. This cake was created by Let Them Eat Cake. Chef Michael. The Love topper had my heart.

Tip #10 – Use a cake topper you LOVE! Unique is in.

Horn Photography and Design wedding Cakes_0016Elopements deserve cake too! Tiny cakes are adorable and perfect for two. This strawberry goodness was created by Petite Cakes USA And for being such a tiny cake the sweet aroma which filled the room from it was unbelievable. This cake was placed right on their main dinner table. Sweet, elegant and pretty!

Tip #11 – Elopements deserve cakes too! Keep it tiny, simple and right on your table.


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