July 13, 2017


Wedding Vows:”In Sickness and in Health”

It’s been way to long since we posted a Thankful Thursday Post and with the current events that happened today, it felt right that today we should share these beautiful wedding vows.

50th Anniversary Vow Renewal Photo Holding Hands

Remember those lines. Those precious words and vows. Now these have all new meaning to me.

I, Brandon am reminded how precious life is.  How important it is to Capture God’s Glory in our photography.


This past Sunday Father John, at the end of Mass announced that he was going over to Mr. & Mrs. Seng’s house to renew their vows after 50 years of marriage.  SERIOUSLY 50 YEARS!!! WOW!!

We just thought how beautiful is that, 50 years.  That is amazing.  After Mass I was prompted by a friend to run after Mrs. Seng, who was quickly departing, and ask, well insist that Michelle and I offer our photography during their vow renewal.  I was able to catch her just before she left with her grown children and grand kids.  She was heading home to give Holy Communion to her ill husband.

Let’s Get Ready


Wedding Vows Renewal 50th anniversary

We quickly went home to grab our cameras and went over to the Seng home.  Greeted by warm beautiful smiles, welcoming handshakes and grand children running around playing.  The multiple generations of the Seng family was a beauty to behold. Cake on the counter with “50th Anniversary” scripted on top next to a 50 year old framed wedding photo from the Seng’s special day.

Mr. Seng was wheeled out of the bedroom followed by his respiratory breathing tube so that he could rise long enough to sit in his favorite comfy chair in the living room. Fr. John had everyone sit close while Mr. and Mrs. Seng renewed their vows after 50 long years of love, trials, blessings, tribulations, celebrations, children, and grand children. This is marriage.

50th Anniversary Catholic Vow Renewal

As husband and wife promising to be faithful to each other  in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love each other and to honor one another all the days of their life.

Renewing wedding vows by horn photography and design dahlonega ga

After the vow renewal and some family pictures we departed to edit the photos quickly to get them back to the family.

Our Perspective 

These wedding vows continue to mean more to Michelle and I after 8 years of our marriage and 7 years of photographing hundreds of others enter into them. Then today, we heard from the Seng’s son that their ill father had passed away last night. Our hearts grief stricken and with teary eyes we were quickly reminded just how important it is to be open to promptings from the Holy Spirit to do His will (even if it comes in the form of a friend telling you to run after a woman).

Often as a photographer I feel like I need validation for my gifts from the outside world.  I often want to be put on that magazine cover for taking photos of some famous person.  I can quickly forget how much our photography means to our clients, those we photograph. Then I can just get down on myself when we aren’t hired to shoot some big name.  Yet it is so much more precious to be able to Capture God’s Glory in the simple humble ones, even when it is an impromptu, free shoot of a humble, God fearing couple celebrating their love.

I learned just how precious it is to take photographs that will last long after someone has passed to heaven.  As photographers, we capture a moment in life, a moment in the story of a couple, a family, a moment in His Story. Then we are able to capture H
ISTORY with our gifts and talents. This is why we are so thankful. All praise and glory to God!

50th Anniversary Vow Renewal by Horn Photography and Design

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  1. Beth Meyer says:

    This is such a beautiful story & photos! Love those special moments y’all captured on their 50th wedding anniversary! xx

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