February 18, 2016

The Gray Diaries: Tug-of-War

Dear Self,
Patience, patience, patience…. and lots of chocolate!
Love Me

This is what I keep saying over and over as this gray journey is traveled. A huge part of me just wants the gray to be here already. At the beginning of this month I contacted a salon in Atlanta well known for doing amazing color and made an appointment. My goal was to have gray highlights sweeping through my hair to speed things up. However, about a week out I canceled. I just couldn’t do it. My hair finally feels soft, smooth and healthy, better then ever before. I just couldn’t bear the thought of putting bleach on it followed by color, leaving me with brittle, damaged hair. Not to mention all the dye toxins seeping into my skin.

This game of tug-of-war has been pulling me in so many directions on this journey.

I am about 4 months and 3 inches into the growing out process. There are days I want to dye my hair back to brown, days I want to add gray highlights and days I want to cut all the brown off and just have the gray left (but I hate my hair short). At this point it is a never ending battle. Yet, at the same time there is something so appealing to letting the process unfold naturally. I have been keeping my spirits up by thinking of the day I turn 40 and all my gray hair is long, flowing and grown in.

To anyone who is joining me on this process,
Keep your spirits up, one day this tug-of-war feeling will be over and your gorgeous gray hair will be all grown in. You are not alone, I am doing this with you and the Gray Diaries are here to support you, sympathize with you and to keep us all cheered on. Gray is beautiful and we are beautiful my beautiful silver sisters. If you doing this at age 25 or at age 55 we are all in it together. Stereo types are made to be broken and our courage will set so many sisters free from the prison of dyeing hair and hiding from gray. Gray is the new color of youth. We Got THIS!

Here is a current photos of where the gray growth is at now.

Horn Photography + Design Gray 3-001

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