April 26, 2018

The Why Behind the Lens: His View


This is the Why behind he Lens, in short: To provide a way for Michelle to fulfill her dreams and find joy.

Now I can’t just leave you with that I know. Honestly that has been my driving force behind the late nights, working two jobs, driving all over the country taking photos, the list goes on. It is because of seeing my wife light up every time she interacts with a client, it is seeing her filled with joy by the images she captures, it is getting to work side by side with my best friend; this is the “why” behind the lens for me.

Lets Go Back to understand the Why behind the Lens

When I met Michelle, I was a new youth minister in FL.  We fell in love, told each other our dreams, and got married.  There was very little desire for me to leave my ministry to pursue the photography business but I knew that Michelle wanted to work from home.  Once we got married, I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. She was not finding fulfillment or joy in her work at her corporate job. I longed for her to find joy and satisfaction in her gifts and abilities and to use them to their fullest.

Time in the Background

From the first wedding we shot together, I could see this is where she needed to be; behind the lens.  I didn’t feel the need to go full time with our photography just yet. So for years I just did the finances and was her dedicated full time second shooter. I found great pleasure sharing our gifts and talents with all of our clients.  And getting to see Michelle joyful and fulfilled in the glow of our satisfied clients was just what I needed to keep on going.

As the years went on and I found myself busier with a growing ministry and our business, I had to reevaluate how much time I was getting to spend with my best friend.  I wasn’t able to see her as much as I wanted yet the business was growing beautifully.  The opportunity to JUMP came up for me to go full time with our photography business. So I made the leap, maybe with a little nudge from Michelle and God too.

Since the Leap

For the past few years, with both of us being full time with our business I have found so much joy and fulfillment sharing our gifts and talents with our clients. The freedom that I have to tap into the creativity that God has giving me is exhilarating. While it is such a joy to work side by side with my best friend every day.  

This is the WHY for me behind the lens and our business. Michelle and I get to joyfully work from home. I always seek to find joy and to help others find it as well.  Our photographs have done just that. We have captured so many moments of God’s glory that it is hard not to be joyful when I experience it.


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