April 25, 2018

Why I Started My Own Business: The Roots

Why I Started My Own Business…Why does anyone start their own business?

Roots We're getting back to our Horn Photography and Design

As I stand here looking at the blank screen in front of me I don’t wonder what I will say but rather how I will express my Why I Started My Own Business without writing a novel. See I have had my WHY since I was 12 years old, my WHY is layers deep and filled with intention, hope, charity, hard work and most of all prayer. Let me set the stage…

Why I Started My Own Business Horn Photography and Design Dahlonega Photographer Tiny House

It was in my Blood

At 12 years old I had already grown up watching my mother run her own successful business. I was there almost everyday, so I guess you could say the entrepreneurial gene was in my blood. But here is the dark side of what was going on.

My parents decided to pick up and move from Chicago to Sandusky Ohio in an attempt to save their marriage. Due to this I was stripped of the home I grew up in, my friends, family members and basically life as I knew it. Even after we moved my parents were sadly still fighting, everyday. So there I was attending a new school in 6th grade, struggling to make friends, dealing with parents who could not be in the same room together and trying to make sense of life. I totally felt like I did not belong in this world.

That is when I began praying.

Why I Started My Own Business Horn Photography and Design Dahlonega Photographer

As I would pray I would sketch or paint. It became my outlet with prayer. And something amazing began to happen. My parents started to notice my artwork. When they would see it the fighting would stop, they would look at it together and actually agree on something! And in my head I thought…. if I create something they find beauty in then peace fills our home.

God Created Me to be a Creative

From that moment on I knew God created me to be a creative. I was created with the passion for re-imagining the world through heaven’s eyes. My every thought became how can I make something beautiful for others to bring them peace + joy. And I also knew from watching my mother that I wanted to do it by owning my own business.

My room became filled with drawings, paintings, photos, clothing I designed and the list went on. If I could create it I was. All through high school this continued. Pushing the envelope I even designed my own catholic school uniform which I wore proudly. I had made sure to read all the uniform guidelines very closely and then designed my own uniform that sat within them.

Then I went on to college and studied graphic design and photography and after 4 long years of working full time + paying my own way through school, I got my degree. But it was not until I met my husband Brandon that we began the business together.

Why I Started My Own Business Horn Photography and Design Dahlonega Photographer Tiny House Canon Camera 7d

Working for God

My WHY for our business was and still is to Work for God. Which gave us the tagline “Capturing Moments of God’s Glory“.

I believe beauty is the love language of God, His love and beauty go hand in hand. And I never limit the definition of beauty because nature, as we observe it, is but an imperfect representation of our perfect Creator, therefore beauty is found in all that He creates. Sometimes beauty is found in elegance, grace, romance and whimsy and other times it is found in the shadows, loneliness and glorious imperfections of our world.   

I document love stories – God’s Glory in the Life of Others – with the understanding that beauty holds a special and high role in God’s plan to draw us into a relationship with Him. Beauty is the incarnation of truth. Beauty is the one thing that can ignite all our senses at one time, it is sensual.

This means that every step we take in our business is done through the lens of God as our business owner. Our every decision has Him in it and the beauty we document is all because of HIM.

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