August 26, 2019

Van Build Reveal

The van in finally complete! Damn that feels so good to say. It has taken us about a full month to demo then rebuild our van. By the way her name is Evangeline Havana Horn – yep a full name. And since we like simple minimalist living we kept the van minimal as well.

Also we will have a walk though of Evangeline on our Instagram very soon. The walk though will show more details. If there are any parts of Evangeline that you would like more details on how we built it let us know in the comments below and we will do a post on exactly how we build it with the materials and measurements.

As you first open the side doors you see both our cooktop + travel map and what can be used as a cozy place to sit.

The first step in brings you into the tiny yet efficient kitchen with a hand pump sink, built in soap dispenser plenty of drawers on the right for dry food storage, plates, utensils and cookware. We even had a tiny potty hidden in the cabinet (just incase we need it, hopefully we won’t:).

Our goal was to make it feel like home while we are on the road. With that in mind we kept the colors inside Evangeline the same as inside our tiny a-frame… white walls, cherry wood counter tops, wood floors and a navy blue couch with the same pattern throw pillows we have on our couch in our home. We also brought in one tiny little succulent so we have some greenery as we travel.

With the van layout we decided to go for a table and bench seats that can collapse to make a queen size bed. This way we can eat and work from the van when needed and not feel cramped. We knew for sure we wanted a dry space to hangout in when it is raining outside while camping.

Above the bed are three storage cabinets for clothing and we also have two above the driver and passenger seats. More storage is found under both bench seats. We may add more cabinets after our first trip, we will see how it goes.

Brandon let me have fun when it came to designing our table top. I wanted something that was unique to us and revealed a little of our personality. I love how it came out.

Our throw pillows I ordered off Amazon, the same ones I ordered for our couch so that was simple. The two knit pillows were handed down in my family. And for our windows we went with canvas drop roll down curtains. There are also blackout blinds that came with our van behind them which pull down. Life saver!

So that is it, a look inside with everything in place. To see more, like the storage in the bench seats and the table detached check out the walk though on our Instagram.

Also as we travel we will take plenty of videos and photos so you can see Evangeline in action.

Cheers to traveling and short stints of van life!

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