December 8, 2016

When the camera is down – connecting with clients

Often times after a busy day behind the camera Brandon and I will come home, put on the tea kettle, take off our shoes and curl up on the couch to “debrief” if you will. Because lets be honest, being a photographer is amazing but it is also extremely exhausting and draining! Lots of hard work. So as we snuggled in, warm tea in hand, Brandon asked me his favorite question (he asks this all the time)… What brought you the most joy today?

It’s a question that always forces me to reflect on what a blessing it is to be running our own business. It also brings me back to the reason why we do what we do; to serve others.


Every time Brandon asks me that question my mind immediately begins to picture the people we were with that day (pun intended;)  I begin to visualize:
*The smiles they shared
*The sound of their laughter
*The way their nose crinkled up as they laughed
*The little things they did to make us laugh without even trying
*The first few moments of them feeling awkward at the start of the shoot but still fully trusting us to walk them through it

These moments are what bring me joy and by the time I finish reminiscing about those moments with Brandon we are both smiling from ear to ear. Cultivating real relationships with our clients is what makes it all work. What people see on social media are highly curated moments, often depicting an idea of perfection, but when the camera is down—connecting with clients—is what propels our dreams forward. Its not the final images or getting published (although both of those are AMAZING) the real joy of what we do is found in the people we are so blessed to work with.

I wanted to share this today because I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, fully drained, and down right tired. But I have also realized how to reenergize, it’s in the people you serve with your business. Let the smile they share because of what you do recharge you. For within taking amazing care of them, you will find unending joy!

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