December 10, 2016

Photography – Posting Every Shoot On Social Media


Brandon and I were recently asked by a fellow photographer, “do you post every shoot you capture on social media or is there ever a few that just fall short of perfection?.

Our answer was YES, we share EVERY SHOOT we capture on social media. And for us no-one falls short of perfection.

This was followed by the question, “so do you ever end up shooting for a client who has a totally different style and taste then you, how do you post their shoot?”.

Of corse we do. 

Here is the thing, every client we work with is absolutely priceless to us and it is our job to LOVE them. For us, part of loving our clients is sharing their shoot on our blog, giving them a huge social media hug, being excited for them, getting to know their story in depth and then curating beautiful photos that tell their story. After all, they are the reason we get to do what we love.

And your clients are the reason you get to do what you LOVE.

Yes, there have been shoots when a couple has had a completely different style and taste then us. However, it is our job as creatives to find + curate the perfection that exist within the moment. Thats why our tag line is “Capturing Moments of God’s Glory” because His Glory is Perfection.  We look at each shoot as an opportunity to fine tune our skills and define our workmanship. We encourage you to do the same.

Our clients – and your clients – choose us because they like us and they are confident we can document their love story , everything they like about themselves and more. With this in mind we go into each shoot giving 100% regardless if the shoot is on point with our style or not.

Every shoot is marketing potential and letting that potential slip out of our hands is not an option. So first and foremost we shoot for our client and we shoot the heck out of their style making it come alive and look AMAZING. Then towards the end of the shoot we will artistically curate a few photos of just our couple that are on point with our style + brand. These are the photos we will host on social media. And in the end our couples have ended up LOVING all the photos. A win win for all of us.

Now I have to be honest, working with clients who have a different style + taste then us is rare, as we market our style like crazy on social media. But when it does happen, this formula has worked for us every-time.

The key to remember is this, we are here to serve others, to love with abandon and give 100% of what we got.

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