June 9, 2021

Mitchell’s Family + Newborn Baby Samuel Huxley


We have been so blessed to document Gina + Corey’s engagement session followed by their gorgeous wedding day, then the arrival of Annie who is two and a half now (man time flies), then a family session last year with extended family and now the brith of baby Samuel Huxley! What an incredible and amazing family. There is so much joy an love to be felt all around them.

Annie is the perfect big sister with so much to teach and share with her little brother. She is beyond excited about Samuel. We have a feeling these two will be inseparable as time journeys on.

Congratulations Gina + Corey!
Baby Samuel Huxley is adorable not to mention you now have a girl and a boy. Your hands will be full, full of love and precious moments that will make your life deeply satisfying, meaningful and a life well lived. And remember, the more kids you have the easier it actually becomes, sounds crazy we know, but oh so true. Cheers to your wonderful growing family.

Much Love + Blessings,
The Horns

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