January 7, 2017

Combat the LIE of – I need more likes to succeed: Faith + Work = Prosperity


Dear Social Media,

Lets be real,  we have a love hate relationship, if I give you all my time and attention you promise to provide me with “free” marketing, growth and a million likes. However, Brandon and I recently added up how many hours we spend in a day, week, month and year working with you. And to be honest, those hours equal money so your NOT “free” after all and there are very few accounts we see with a million followers. So are you lying to us that more likes equal success?  

The Horn’s

About a year ago this is exactly what was going through our minds. Every where we looked people were saying, “you need more likes to succeed! Your social media accounts are everything! Take this course as we will teach you how to get more likes!”

It was overwhelming and we felt completely bombarded.

Obviously we use social media A LOT and yes we do find VALUE in it, but we also see the pressure to have more likes. We have all heard that little voice inside that says, you need more likes to be successful and to succeed. That little voice is triggered by dopamine being released into our body when we receive a new like, comment, or ♥. This is also known as vanity metrics and marketing science has proven that measuring your social media marketing success based solely on the number of people who like your page will yield false positives.

Which brings us back to… how do you combat the lie of I need more likes to be successful and to succeed?
• Create meaningful interactions on your social media outlets
• Develop real authentic in-person relationships with your clients
• Stop checking your social media constantly (set a scheduled time for it)
• Don’t be alarmed when you loose a follower
• Know what’s really happening behind the scenes


Today at 2:30 on FB live (within the Faith + Work + Prosperity Group) we will get into the mud with everything we listed above. See you there!

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