March 17, 2016

Finding Your 4 Keys to Success


A few weeks ago I shared a post about how to use Facebook better + creating a weekly social media base schedule for posting.  Within this post I shared our top four reasons we have succeeded. I also promised to do a post to help others find their four keys to success… so here we go:) Keep in mind this is our personal journey and your’s may look completely different and that is so good. We are all different and the differences that we have make us uniquely beautiful!

Our 4 personal keys to success are (the reasons we have succeeded):
1. God has allowed it + given us the talent to capture His creation.
2. Amazing people have entrusted us with the biggest moments in their lives.
3. Grateful is the number one thing we strive to be everyday.
4. We have embraced who we are and how we are uniquely created.

How did we discover our keys to success; we asked ourselves a few questions then answered them from our gut with with humility and truth.
1. What is the driving force behind our business?
2. What inspires our creativity?
3. What morals do we want to hold firm in our business?
4.Who values our work?
5. Who supports our work?
6. What makes us who we are?
7. Why are we unique?

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