March 1, 2018

Five Simple Way to Improve Groomsmen Portraits


So you need to know how to take better Groomsmen portraits?

Truth…guys tend to feel a little more awkward in front of the camera and especially during groomsmen portraits. We totally get it. The first time Brandon had to sit in front of the camera for one of our business films he totally froze up. Like couldn’t even move frozen. It was a priceless moment. It was in this moment that we learned just how important it is to help our guys feel free and relaxed in front of our cameras.

So, over the years we have worked hard to make sure our grooms + their groomsmen feel confident, empowered and look down right dapper in front of our lenses. Here are five things we do to make that happen.

How to photograph groom

  1. Engagement Session

    • Each couple who books with us receives a complimentary engagement session. This is so vital for  both our couples and for us. This shoot allows the 4 of us to curate a real relationship. We use this time to especially work with the soon-to-be-groom. The ladies tend to what I like to lovingly call “work it” for the camera, its just in our nature, but not always for the guys. (And boo, if your reading this and thinking – I’m a woman and its not in my nature. Don’t worry, we got you too darling:) So during the engagement shoot we work the guys into poses that make them feel very GQ – we use this time to teach the guys what their best side is, how to stand strong, and how to shoot us “the look” that drives their bride crazy.
  2. Affirmations + Encouragement

    • During both the engagement shoot and the wedding day we keep up a steady stream of positive encouragement. This boosts self-confidence and nothing looks better on camera than confidence. Staying excited behind the camera makes a world of difference. Let your client know what they are doing looks amazing, their pose is perfect. If you want the chin a different direction, give that direction verbally, then once it is achieved get excited about how good that looks in the photos. Let your grooms know that they can’t mess up a photo and laughing + having fun is a huge plus.
  3. Show Off

    • We show our groom + groomsmen an image or two from the back of our camera – not to show off our skills but to show off how good they are doing! A cute little tip is to show one of the photos to the bride of her handsome groom and say “Doesn’t he look epic in this photo?!” Our brides always light up with huge smiles + squeal with excitement which  makes our groom feel like a supermodel or maybe Magic Mike. But either way it’s totally a good thing!
  4. Side Light.

    • Guys have defined features like strong jaw lines, prominent noses and thick facial hair (eyebrows, beards, mustaches) and broad shoulders. So to highlight these features we love to use side light when shooting the grooms. It brings out their masculine traits.
  5. Profile Highlight

    • Also in keeping with showing off a man’s masculine features we will have them turn their chin to the right or left and gaze the direction their nose is pointing. This tightens up the skin under the neck making the jaw line and other features stand out more. It also gives a very sophisticated styled yet relaxed look – almost like James Bond.


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