Photography Relocating a Small Business + Walking In The Pace of Christ

Small businesses, when I hear these words I think of…
Real Relationships
Family Owned + Operated
Warm Smiles
A Sense of Home

I could go one for a few pages I am sure, but my main attraction to small business is how it makes others feel. All the things I listed above are the ways I want our clients to feel after they have encounter our small business. As small business owners we place great value on creating a business that exudes all these values at all times, to achieve this we have personally found that we need to walk in the pace of Christ.

What the heck does that mean right?!

Horn Photography & Design -001

Well in our case it has meant slow steady beautiful growth, not an overnight whirlwind of success. I believe this is the case for 90% of all small business especially photography businesses. It takes time and that is ok, trust me. Real relationships grow a better business then money, fame or glitz ever can. We found that we did not need to start with a huge studio, a gigantic portfolio, tons of publications or even expensive gear. We started with low end gear, a small home office and huge harts that were ready to serve and it worked. Because we poured everything we were into each shoot people began to talk about us. They began to refer us and as time went on our business began to grow. A beautiful growth that we are proud of because it came from the roots of caring for others.

At the beginning of last year as we prepared to move to GA I took time to look back at the last 6 years of our business. We had gone from just me trying to start a blog on a small laptop that sat on a tiny wooden desk in the corner of our bedroom to a fully functioning photography business that shoots 25-30 weddings each year, 25-30 engagements each year, 10 styled shoots each year, 15 senior shoots each year, 10 professional head shot shoots each year, 15 maternity shoots each year, 10 boudoir shoots each year, we get featured by approximately 15 publishers each year, we have a huge beautiful portfolio, a plethora of top of the line gear and an amazing home office. I thought to myself we did it. We put in all the time and hard work and finally made it. Then it hit me – we are leaving all this!

Yes, we moved to GA this past year and left all that we had worked so hard for. And not a day goes by that I don’t miss all the amazing people we worked with celebrating beautiful engagements, gorgeous weddings, precious pregnancies, joyful graduations and more. We were there at some of the most important times in peoples lives. But heres the thing, if we walk in the pace of Christ we can do it all again.

To walk in the pace of Christ we must have patience, hope + love.  We must stay true to who we are and how we were created to serve others. I have heard some people say that relocating is the death of a small business, this just makes me try harder. I believe relocation means putting in a lot of time an effort with the fruits of hard work to back us up. This new start comes with a plethora of top of the line gear we worked so hard to obtain, a beautiful portfolio we have captured over the years, several publications we are so honored to be in and the experience of taking amazing care of clients. This new start, even though challenging has the fruits of hard work to back it up.

So weather you are a new small business just starting off or a business who is relocating, know this, God has created you to be ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Have faith to walk in the pace of Christ and things will work out even better then you could ever dream.

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