One Secret Tip For Better Ring Shots during the Ceremony

Pro Tip: Better Ring Shots

We love everything there is about social media platforms… Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest – oh and the list goes on. We maybe even love them more then chocolate or tacos… MAYBE!!

Love of Social Media

The reason we lovelovelove these social media platforms is because it allows Brandon and I the opportunity to connect with other photographers. I can’t even begin to tell you how many other photogs we have become besties with via social media platforms – and we have even had several in-person lunch dates with them! We are talking the real deal here.

These connections have – for us- made the photo industry (which can feel lonely and intimidating at times) more welcoming, inviting, friendly and tangible.  It is a place where we share high 5’s, love and smiles with both friends and strangers. It is also a place were we feel less intimidated to ask business questions to people we admire.

Photo tip exchange wedding ring

Last week we received a private message from another photographer, it read… “I love the up close shots you get when the bride and groom exchange their rings during the ceremony. Are you standing right in the aisle up front when taking those shots? Also what lens are you using?”

Ok so here is our secret tip for ring shots during the ceremony…

Those shots are taken after the ceremony using our 50mm.

The WHY!
At a wedding, during the ceremony, we don’t want to be the center of attention. The center of attention needs to be on our Bride and Groom. So for that reason Brandon and I act like ninjas, you would never catch us walking down the center aisle.

During the ceremony Brandon is stationed upfront or off to the side – a place where he is not noticed and shoots with his 24-70 zoom and his 100mm. I set-up in the back behind all the guest (allowing me to move freely behind them) with my 70 – 200 zoom. During the ring exchange we zoom in as close as possible and grab every shot.

After the ceremony is over and family photos are complete. We take our couple back to the ceremony location and reenact the rings. Our couples LOVE this for three reasons:

1. During the ceremony all the attention is on them, their vows and their ring exchange (as it should be) not on two photographers trying to get the best shot possible.

2. They will have up-close beautiful shots of their rings being exchanged on their wedding day. The photos are literally taken 30 mins after the official exchange (so its all good).

3.  They have the opportunity to slow down that one so important moment of their wedding day, look into each others eyes and exchange rings again. I have to be honest, it is just as powerful the second time they do it as the first – because in that moment it really sinks in.

Side Note – still get as close as possible with your lens during the ceremony – but stay un noticeable.

A 70-200 zoom is great for that as is the 100mm when you don’t have to be to far back.

Bride and Groom exchange wedding rings

We hope this little secret helps you get even more beautiful ceremony ring shots!

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