Setting New Years Goals For Your Photography Business

Every year Brandon and I set New Years Goals, both personal and business. Being a list maker, this makes me abundantly happy and checking them off as the year goes by makes me even more excited. I usually begin the task a assessing our year by grabbing some mouth watering dark chocolate, a warm cup of chai tea and note pad. As you know chocolate makes everything more fun.

I personally love to start by writing down what I was most thankful for in the previous year, all the victories we had (big + tiny), amazing memories and what made us laugh till we hurt. Then I write down where we fell short, are mistakes along the way and how we can improve. For us, the greatest growth has come from acknowledging our mistakes + fails and then learning from them.

New Years

Our number one Personal Goal this year is to simplify our lives… meaning less stuff. Yes this is something we did last year too and got a lot done. However this whole idea of living with less was so addictive once we got started, that we feel as though we can do even better this year. By the end of this year our entire home + life style will be fresh, clean and minimalist.

Our number one Business Goal this year is to network. Since we just moved to Dahlonega Georgia during the summer of 2015 we need to make connections, meet local business owners and network within our adorable community. I can’t wait to get started.

So what are your New Years Goals… here are some ideas to get you going:
1. Conquer your pricing
2. Develop your true style
3. Organize your workflow
4. Improve your branding
5. Attend a workshop

I will be posting on each one of these subjects this month to help you bring in 2016 with success.
Cheers to a wonderful New Year!

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